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"...I have experienced tremendous growth both as a person and in my sports of soccer and lacrosse."

       “I have been working with Coach Bobby and The Edge Academy for the past three years.  During that time, I have experienced tremendous growth both as a person and in my sports of soccer and lacrosse.  Through Coach Bobby and his team of coaches, I have gained the physical and mental strength and the field awareness and skills to play at the top of my game.  The results are that I currently play for the highly-recognized Lady Blue Crabs Club Lacrosse team, I play on Severn School’s lacrosse team and have always made first team, and I made the Varsity Soccer team this 2018 fall at Severn School as a freshman.  During this time, I also made the Headmaster’s list at my school with a 4.0 average.  I attribute these results to the focus, conditioning, and skills taught by Coach Bobby which have allowed me to achieve success both on and off the playing field.  Thank you Coach Bobby and your team!”

-Megan Hiller

The Severn School, Class of 2022

       "I've been at The Edge for almost 3 years now and I've changed completely. From my footwork to my stick skills and mind set I have grown immensely. Not only have I noticed it but my coaches have too. The Edge has given me the confidence that I needed to excel on the field. Going into my Junior year as a Division 1 athlete I feel prepared for what is to come thanks to Coach Woolley pushing me in the gym both mentally and physically."

-Rachel Aus

Jacksonville University, Class of 2018

       "The Edge to our family was more than just a work out facility.  Two years ago we were looking for a personal trainer that could take our son to the next level in physical endurance.  Not only did Coach Woolley make Zac have physical goals to achieve but mentally Coach got Zac ready for each game.  There is no doubt in our minds that Coach Woolley helped Zac achieve his goal of playing Division I Lacrosse.  Go Greyhounds!"

-Zac Davliakos

Parent of

Loyola University

"The edge has given me the confidence that i needed to excel on the field."

​       "My experience with The Edge has been very unique. I have had the pleasure to not only be an Edge athlete, but also an employee. I was first introduced to the academy in middle school through the PFY program and little did I know the experiences and life lessons that I would later learn just by attending this after school program. Once I entered high school, I began to do private sessions with Coach Woolley and a few of the other coaches. The Edge staff pushed me to my limits and taught me how to be a smart and efficient athlete. I continued coming to The Edge all throughout high school during the winters in order to prepare for the lacrosse season. I looked forward to going to the academy every time as it was a great place for me to just relax, take my mind off of anything that might of happened that day or week, and just have fun. I truly saw this first hand when I began working at The Edge during my senior year of high school. One of the tasked that I had was to coach youth sport clinics. It brought me so much joy to be able to give young kids a fun filled experience where they could get better at a sport that they enjoy. Coach Woolley has been a huge role model for me throughout the time that I’ve known him and has the ability to positively affect so many more people through The Edge Training Academy"

-Stuart Sykes

Elon University

​       "I want to thank Coach Woolley for believing in me, supporting and encouraging me every time I walk into The Edge. The coaches at The Edge keep me physically and mentally fit, and ready to ride!"

-Logan Pringle

BMX Rider

       "Every single time you walk into that building and stand in front of Coach Woolley you are another step closer to becoming the person and player you want to be."

-Kristin Morgan

George Mason University

       "I’ve been working out at The Edge Training Academy and with Coach Woolley since it first opened and the strides the academy has made is nothing short of remarkable and it’s all been done because of the hard work and passion Coach Woolley brings every single day. The Edge has been more than a place to just work out, its shown and taught me how much hard work and determination will do for you. The slogan The Edge uses, “When Passion Meets Performance” isn't just a typical business slogan, it’s a slogan that you can tell Coach Woolley lives by everyday. While training at The Edge you're held to a standard, and meeting that standard is the only way to reach your full potential. At the Academy I have worked individually on my own and with a coach as part of a team. In high school, training at The Edge allowed me to reach my full potential on the lacrosse field and has allowed me to continue to have a successful career as I now play in college. For me, The Edge was more than just a place to train, it has developed me into not only the player I am today but has also made me a better and more motivated person in everything that I do. It has also taught me the importance of holding yourself accountable. As I have worked closely with Coach Woolley over the years he has become more than a coach for me, he is a mentor friend and role model and he has showed me exactly how successful you can be if you truly strive for your full potential and goals. "

-Dylan Abplanalp

Susquehanna University

"Every single time you walk into that building and stand in front of Coach Woolley, you are another step closer to becoming the person and player you want to be."

-Madi Banks

“I have been training at the Edge for over 3 years now improving my goalkeeper skills for soccer. I like going there because the staff is always friendly but they still push me to work harder. The trainers go the extra mile by creating drills that are specific to my sport. This place has helped me become a better athlete.”

University of South Carolina Aiken

       "I began working out at The Edge when I was 14 years old, eventually becoming employed and part of the family for over 5 years.  I call it a family because of the culture that Coach Woolley has created around The Edge in the local community.  He is the most focused, dedicated, and selfless man I know and this is displayed via the results of any athlete who takes part in The Edge’s process.  Personally, Coach Woolley pushed me to pursue athletic excellence in terms of my potential, and taught me how to be my best self with lessons like paying extreme attention to detail, which I learned while training and working under him.  Whether you’re looking for mere confidence, or better agility, strength, or conditioning, The Edge is the ultimate catalyst for success both on and off the field and I truly believe that I wouldn’t be the athlete nor man that I am today if it weren’t for this family."

-Brendan Smith

Clemson University

       "The Edge Training Academy is an invaluable asset to the local athletic community. Athletes of all ages and experience levels receive top-notch personalized training to help them excel on and off the field. The coaches and trainers truly care about your progress towards your goals and constantly challenge you to be the best you can be both in your athletics, and your life."

-Matthew McCarthy

Google Review

       "Bobby and his team continue to provide everything we're looking for in youth sports: an environment where all committed individuals are valued and encouraged to push their limits, and mentoring that teaches the importance of hard work, dedication, and service to others."

-Kathy Boomer

Facebook Review

"The edge training academy is an invaluable asset to the local community."

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