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Our experience at The Edge Training Academy has far surpassed our expectations. We have experienced personalized, 1 on 1 attention to detail versus the streamlined workouts approach. Workouts are always evolving to push our athletes to reach their potential. The scheduling flexibility makes it easy to ensure we can bring any or all 3 of our kids at once. Communication with the front office and the owner is seamless and always available. The kids are developing self confidence, discipline, and a commitment to self improvement. The Edge Training Academy is by far the best all around value for a training facility.

Dan S.


The Edge Training Academy has really helped the athletic ability of my son. He goes to the edge once a week for an hour and a month and a half into the training I was amazed at how quick my son's feet had become. The staff has helped my son improve his athletic ability, self confidence, and to establish goals for himself. My wife and I also go the edge once a week for the Summer Blast class and appreciate how the staff pushes us beyond our limits with positive encouragement. Our son attends and we are impressed how he has become a leader in that class through his hard work and encouragement of others. We believe that the Edge has helped him to acquire this positive attitude. 

Matt W.

Father of Athlete

After years of experience training with some of the top strength and conditioning coaches at the college level, The Edge Training Academy has helped me step my game up even further. Their equipment and training techniques are top notch, keeping up with the latest in athletic performance while still utilizing "old school" intensity. The staff at Edge really cater to individual needs and help to prepare you both mentally and physically for your sport. They not only provide great protocols, but also encourage the clients input to improve any weaknesses they have. If you're looking for a place that provides quality training, intensity, and positive motivation, look no further than the local guys at The Edge Training Academy.

Webb Dulin

Former Univ. of MD Wide Receiver

After just ten sessions, our son looked like a different kid on the lacrosse field. He had quicker feet, was more agile, and played with much more confidence. Each session was individually tailored to the strengths and needs of our son. Their coaches worked with our son to set goals for each training exercise, and our 9-year-old worked like crazy to meet (actually exceed) each one. We are now reinforcing the concept of goal-setting with him in other areas of his life including school. Our son is currently working through another ten sessions, and loving it! We are so fortunate to have a facility like The Edge on Kent Island!

Jim & Jen


My overall experience at The Edge Training Academy has completely changed my view of what any athlete can accomplish. Their one on one training is specifically made per athlete unlike any other training facility I have trained at. The Staff utilizes top-notch equipment at a high intensity that will guarantee results for any athlete. In training there I have seen results that I would have never imagined I would reach. The staff is truly professional and they make your time training very enjoyable. As an athlete looking to reach the next level, The Edge Training Academy has helped me understand and work towards that goal!

Michael M.

Edge Athlete

Ever since coming to The Edge, my life has changed! The things I have always dreamed of pursuing I am now bringing back into focus. After spending 2 years on the sidelines from a work injury I was left with a body I was not happy with. Physical therapy could only do so much! When I realized The Edge was here and visited one of the open house celebrations I knew it was the place for me! In my experience working out at the edge I have not only lost weight but gained confidence and positivity. I have taken control over my future and am excited to have The Edge and their staff as a part of MY support staff. The thought of working out is no longer a negative thought but rather a reason for excitement.

William Claytor


"I was really surprised when my 10 year old son asked me if he could start training at the Edge Academy. He heard about it through some friends who were really enjoying themselves. Training at the Edge Academy has made a huge difference in his level of confidence while his speed and agility have improved significantly! Not once did he ever complain about going to a workout. He really enjoyed working with Coach Woolley and his staff."

Scott M.

Father of Athlete, HS Lax Coach

When football and fall soccer season ended we decided to explore The Edge as opposed to another winter of rec basketball and to keep our boys in shape throughout the winter months. We are extremely pleased with the results that we have seen out of our son's Mitchell and Jackson on both indoor and outdoor soccer and lacrosse fields. Their speed, acceleration, balance, ability to change direction, and their confidence have all improved tremendously. Furthermore, they have taken a liking to an introduction of proper preparation, both mental and physical and have gained an understanding of the work required to both compete and excel at the high school level. Coach Woolley pushed them to get better in every session and did a great job catering the work outs to get the most out of their time and their individual focus sports. Recently, they began their Spring outdoor sports and the results are obvious to us, them, and their club level coaches. Money well spent. Keep up the great work. 

Wayne Webster

My son made amazing advances in his speed and footwork working with Bob in just 2 months. The before and after video I took was incredible to watch. He will start to train with his freshman high school team next week and he'll definitely be ahead of the curve.